“The reading was phenomenal. Your intuitive wisdom and approachable intelligence are so impressive. What a wonderful gift of talent you so generously give to all of us lucky enough to be in your orbit. The reading was was just incredibly spot on. There was one line in the astrological reading that actually brought me to tears, ‘You are no longer the mouthpiece of other people’s systems; you now have the humility to know your truth. And it is powerful.’ Wow, thank you for channeling that feedback directly into my heart! I love learning about how the order and design of the universe brings truth and clarity to my own soul's journey.” - Blake B.

To me, working with every chart is a privilege I take very seriously. Your birth wheel is a road map to your very liberation, not a site for projection or proof that you’re stuck. It’s my joy to hold space for clients to see how their chart (and/or Tarot cards, should you want to bring them in) can guide them in the present moment.

All sessions take place across the Internet, unless I’m booked for an event or we’ve been working together awhile. This means you can be anywhere and be able to have time with me. My clients are truly all over the world.

Each of my offerings is different. Please note that many of the offerings below involve multiple sessions. Read the description for clarity as the total time and pricing don’t always match up through the scheduler here.

Also note that I am very open to creating bespoke offerings to meet your specific needs! Much of what I do for people we’ve co-created together. If that interests you, please contact me directly. Likewise, if you’re not seeing a time and date that work for you, let me know. I am often able to accommodate

Note too that I love to work with parents to talk to them about their child’s chart. It’s incredibly helpful! I’ve learned so much about my daughters and how to parent them from their chart. You can book any of the first three readings as a child reading if the child is under 18 at the time of the session.