Each week, you will receive an electronic "bundle" containing the following goodies: 

·      A folder titled Welcome to Your Wheel with a general recording about how to read any chart as well as a recording just for you that explains how to read your individual chart with a basic run down of its components. You will also receive a brief recording on my working assumptions as an astrologer. 

-  A total of 45-75 minutes of recorded chart readings on the topic of the week individualized to your chart. Some material will be "canned" recordings for all people with the same aspect in their chart. But every week there will also be 20-40 minutes of chart reading created specifically for you. 

- A recording or document of daily affirmations for that week. 

- A recording or document with journaling prompts for that week. 

- At least 2 meditations either on the astrological lessons of the week or to build one's intuitive healing skills. 

- Additional reading or creative suggestions for working with the material are often included as well. 



Week 1: Your Sun

Week 2: Your Moon 

Week 3: Your Rising Sign and Angles 

Week 4: Your Lunation Phase (Then we put that and the above all together to understand your life purpose.)

Week 5: Your Mercury

Week 6: Your Venus and Mars  

Week 7: Your Jupiter & Saturn

Week 8: Your Uranus

Week 9: Your Neptune 

Week 10: Your Pluto

Week 11: Other Important Celestial Bodies for YOU: Chiron, Juno, Ceres, Lilith, Pallas, Vesta, Eros, Psyche...

Week 12: New Moon Lunation Phase & Primary Progressions 

Week 13: Lunar nodes & path of fortune. Then putting it all together to integrate your wheel.


For all of the above, the price is currently $895.

For a 4-level program studying your Sun, Moon, AC, and Natal Lunation Phase, the cost is $340.

For a 1-week taste of the program, the cost is $90.

You can extend the latter two at any time and just pay the difference. 

To get started, please contact me with your birth date, EXACT birth time, and birth location (town, state, country). I will start as soon as payment is received to my PayPal account.