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Something I've been learning is the intimate connection between the way we treat our body and the way we magnetize, build, and tend to our money, business, and assets.

Taurus Season is here to teach... It all starts with how we love our body: receiving touch and pleasure, breathing and exercise, kind and loving thoughts, nourishing foods, careful alcohol consumption, respecting our gut feelings and instincts, giving our vessel lots of water and rest.

This idea of having to work constantly, to vigilantly constrict our pleasure and self-care, to be the expert, to climb the ladder, to live in the analytical brain, to tightly control everything, even goop-ish "aspirational self" jargon... this is killing our raw and real relationship to our bodies and consequently to true happiness, true presence, true abundance. Not to mention our relationship to the earth.

The 8 points on the Taurus Star above work together like legs beneath a table:

- Maybe you magnetize money well, but you're denying yourself regular orgasm.
- Maybe you tend a beautiful garden in your yard, but you give your professional services away at low prices, exhausting yourself and depleting your resources.
- Maybe you let yourself enjoy the succulent flavors of fresh fruits and the luscious feel of fabrics on your skin, but you have no idea where these came from and the labor that brought these gifts of the earth to you.
- Maybe you know your values, but you are afraid to enforce them with your words for fear that people won't like you if you take a stand. (Taurus rules the neck and vocal chords.) 

We can always get better at this balance. That is what we remember during Taurus season. Here's what I want you to know: It's our cultural paradigm that has failed us. There is nothing wrong with you! Please keep reading. 

Taurus Star Diagram, designed by me.

Taurus Star Diagram, designed by me.

Me, when I lived and learned new ways of being on the island of Maui. Essentially, it was a crash course in Taurus lessons, but I didn’t have that language framework to articulate it that way at the time.

Me, when I lived and learned new ways of being on the island of Maui. Essentially, it was a crash course in Taurus lessons, but I didn’t have that language framework to articulate it that way at the time.

I learned a lot in the glorious year I lived on Maui. The experience is still, nearly two years later, still too close to my heart to be able to articulate fully all it meant and means to me.

But I decided this when I moved back to Texas: I no longer live on Maui, so Maui will live in me.

This photo was taken at my younger daughter’s Lei Day celebration. It was truly glorious. She wore a crown of flowers that I wove for her on the day that Trump pulled out of Paris (swipe left). I cried in my car when I considered how healing it was to work with the earth’s sweet gifts on that day. To be in better reciprocity with the land.

Malama ‘Aina: to take care of the earth so that it will sustain us with its gifts. More or less. This is what I learned from my personal experience living among people that wake up each day trying to embody this in all of their choices and actions.

We have so much to keep learning from the indigenous peoples of our country! I took and took and took when I lived on Maui because my soul well was just so incredibly dry. I had no idea how deprived I was of color therapy, sensory stimulation, sun on my skin, open time, pleasure-loving, music-making, wonder-seeking, and on and on and on... and so the land and the community nourished me and brought me back to health. 

A big problem, my friends, is that we've been raised with Scarcity Mindset. The idea that there isn't enough of _____ to go around (success, beauty, love, men, money, originality, good ideas, food, land...). Back in 1798, Thomas Mathuspublished his Essay on the Principle of Population,and we have been worshipping Scarcity ever since. In it, he famously wrote: "...the power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man" (13). He flat out declared later "Man cannot live in the midst of plenty. All alike cannot share the bounties of nature" (76). 

And so we live in competition, in fear of lack, in paranoia that we'll be left out, that we're never enough. We defend our turf and our tribe. We resent the earth and take from her because we believe there's not enough of her gifts to go around. And we disassociate to try not to think about it. 

But guess what? I'm officially no longer buying it. I'm done with Malthus and Fear of Scarcity. That's a bummer paradigm, and it's not for my one life. There are other paradigms for us! Malama 'Aina! 

Let us now receive the gift of learning to live in a better paradigm for the soul. Let us embrace reciprocity, sustainability, patience, pleasure, and sacred connectedness to the land. Let us embrace the Taurus Paradigm: Body-Dwelling-Earth-Business meeting Pleasure-Values-Resources-Voice. Soften into this as the magic we need right now. 

The goddess Lakshmi

The goddess Lakshmi


So what do you do about it, eh?! How do get started?! Yes, yes, I'm feeling it and I'm with you!

I'm actually developing a class that will help you work through a lot of these topics. Stay tuned! For now, I've got a ritual for you, bbs! 

While I was moving through my divorce, I started learning about the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi is like Venus. For this, you can imagine whatever spirit of love, receptivity, yin, magnetism, fertility, and abundance that you please.

At the time I started working with her (learning to call in her energy and bring her into my body), I truly felt dead inside. Like, whether I tuned into my second chakra at my belly, or whether I tuned into my grounding into the earth, I just felt dead. No blossoms, no fruit, no moisture.

To invoke Lakshmi is to call in the vibrancy of the earth at this time of year. It is to invoke juicy lusciousness. It is to be beautiful, whatever beautiful looks and feels like to YOU, not the over culture.

The meditation I'm offering you HERE is designed to get you started in calling in a new kind of relationship with your body, if you feel this resonates with you. This is a jumping off point for your own creativity and research. 

I hope you love it! I made it a year ago, and maybe I'd change a thing or two now, but it captures my voice at a time when I was DEEP in this work and it totally shifted things for me. Wild shifts! 

To prepare, you might want to surround yourself with beautiful things that are pink and gold: candles, fabrics, coins, crystals... I would recommend a body oil that smells resonant for you and give yourself a good long foot massage before starting.This is a really good practice for tuning into the body, I've found.

Be creative! And have a journal, pen, and glass of water available, too. 

I would love to hear how it goes for you. Let me know!

Wishing you all of the good things, 

* My understanding of Lakshmi comes from my work with healer Achintya Devi as well as the book Awakening Shaktiby Sally Kempton.