Currently, the WWYW Shop is selling Tarot and Oracle decks. These are profoundly helpful tools to grow intuition, seek clarity within the mind, and practice self-trust. They are also incredibly FUN! To begin a card practice, all you need is a deck and the curiosity to play with it. Picking one is highly personal. If you feel drawn to a deck, then that’s the one for you!

On the website, I offer decks that I use and love. Everything sold here was created in small batch by a living artist and practitioner. I am proud to represent each’s work and bring these decks to broader audiences. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Selling products is a new and growing adventure for Working With Your Wheel. The selection will expand beyond decks in the coming months to include more kinds of products that support ritual, self-care, and expanding intuition. The best way to stay informed about new products is to join the mailing list.

The Lioness Oracle Tarot Deck

The Lioness Oracle Tarot is created by Alejandra Léon, who lives in Oakland, CA. She is a collage artist, numerologist, and astrologer, with degrees in English Lit and Reiki 1 and 2. Alejandra has been working with the Tarot for over 16 years, and started collaging together her own cards after the death of her father, who had been the one to guide her to the Tarot. In this healing process, The Lioness Oracle was created. I found out about this deck because one of my teacher’s uses it with her clients and recommended it.

The Empty Cup Oracle Deck

The Empty Cup Oracle is the latest creation from Seattle-based Stasia Burrington, who also created the Sasuraibito Tarot deck sold here. Stasia intended the 40-card deck to serve as a “survival toolkit” and “compass,” to “help you listen to yourself and what you really need in the moment.” She shares: “the symbolism and iconography are inspired by growing up as an Asian-American in the Pacific Northwest, playing in the woods and in the dirt, looking up at the stars, falling, getting hurt, getting up and falling again.” This deck is not offered anywhere else in North Texas.

The Spolia Tarot Deck

The Spolia Tarot, Second Edition, is a creation of writer Jessa Crispin and artist Jen May, with design by Tara Romeo. It contains 94 illustrated cards, with extra cards representing the twelve signs of the zodiac and the four elements of Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. “Spolia” is a term that means using rubble as building material, which the creators felt appropriate for our times “as institutions, gender norms, religions, and ideas about how a society should function are all tumbling down and need to be rebuilt.”

The Sasuraibito Tarot

The Sasuraibito Tarot is a deck created by Seattle-based artist Stasia Burrington. According to Stasia, “The Japanese word: ‘sasuraibito’ most closely translates to ‘wanderer. It's an old-fashioned literary term that is falling out of use, meant to describe a person ever-seeking, searching for a place of healing and refuge. This deck is designed to aid the curious wanderer, and accompany you on your adventures to come.” Stasia says I’m the first retailer to represent her work in Dallas - yay!

Nature Nurture

Nature Nurture is a 45-card oracle deck from Marcella Kroll. Marcella is an artist and a widely respected intuitive reader. She is also a program director at the Los Angeles Public Library where she teaches teen classes on the Tarot. Marcella’s aim was “to not only offer something visually appealing to the world but with the idea of bringing education, healing, and awareness to the subjects painted in the deck.” Nature Nurture is not offered anywhere else in North Texas.