In the September 2019 print issue of D Magazine, I was featured in a two-page interview. Please click HERE to check it out. At the bottom, there is a link to the monthly horoscopes I contribute to their online Living section.

Honored to be mentioned by client Hallie Lamont of The Greenway Shop in the January 2019 cover story in D Magazine.

I believe that clients find their healers for mutual healing. That’s right. I believe that we find each other because what you need is also what I need. Serving you is actually good for us both. I honestly couldn’t do it otherwise. I want to give my clients no less than the service that I would want for myself, and I have high standards.

From Blake B., Hermosa Beach, California:

“Britten is so talented. She facilitated a natal chart reading for me, and I could not recommend her more highly. I've met with many astrological and metaphysical readers in my life and this session was far and away the most thoughtful, informed, and generous reading I've ever received. Her level of knowledge is exceptional, and her deep, soulful wisdom shines through in every patient explanation she gives. She have a gift. It brings me great joy - and hope - to see someone who is so deeply aligned with their life's purpose and using it to help others heal and grow. The information she provided has given me a greater perspective of my overall life purpose as well as my inherent tendencies that both enable and inhibit my ability to move forward. Overall, Britten's authenticity, intuition, and professionalism make her one of the most sought after leaders in her field.

From Vicky V., Dallas, Texas:

“I have had astrologers read my chart but there has always been about 20% of the lingo that I didn't quite understand. Britten does an excellent job of explaining all aspects of your chart, in a way that's easy to absorb. She has various options of readings, depending on what you are looking for, but with each one she gives you information that remains relevant for months to come. The way I describe it is my personalized astrological encyclopedia, complete with important dates, important planetary shifts, etc. that I am able to
go back to and reference.  
Britten is meticulous in her work and her passion shines through. I would recommend her to anyone!

From Cristin Pogue of Good Vibes Energy Works, Dallas, Texas:

Britten is extremely talented.  She not only knows the astrology backwards and forwards, but she's able to deliver an in-depth reading of your chart that is cohesive and easy to understand (even if you know nothing of astrology).  I appreciated her thoughtfulness in how she presented the material.  It was unlike any other reading I've had in the past.  She pointed out what was really interesting and unique about my chart and then was able to weave it into the overall themes in a way that made my chart come alive.  It is evident that she loves what she's doing.  You can tell she puts her heart and soul into her readings, and the end result is pure magic.  I  particularly appreciate that while everyone has challenges or learning opportunities in their chart, she provides "medicine" or ways to balance these as they come up.  I've been able to take the information she provided and apply it in a way that has enhanced my life.  This is much more than a reading for entertainment value (though if you're looking for that, it could be that as well).  For me, it was extremely comprehensive and applicable to my day to day life.  Highly recommend!”