Working with Your Wheel combines astrological insight with practices that encourage intuitive healing.


Katabasis: a journey into the underworld or underground, from the Greek κατὰ "down" and βαίνω "go.”

Hi, I’m Britten. This is me before the mouth of the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. What an exhilarating adventure to descend into the depths and behold the wonders beneath!

My work with wisdom traditions, intuitive healing, and astrology centers the underworld journey into self. It can be painful, frightening, and very uncomfortable at times, yes. But we must open our wounds to draw out the poison, we must go beneath to mine for our diamonds, we must descend in order to encounter our beautiful truth. Contraction is an integral part of the re-birth process.

My job is to be your guide on that journey, and to hold the space for your own self-discovery. 

I am especially skilled and interested in working with the following types of people: 

  • Recently divorced folks in transition from one identity to another.

  • Watery people: those with a lot of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces in their chart - those of us who are empaths and struggle with boundaries.

  • Mid-life parents who are ready to return to self-study and self-knowledge after a decade of selflessness.

  • Anyone who has had a scary astrological reading in the past and is ready to reclaim the language for their own liberation. I am particularly excited to show how the "boogeyman" planets in your chart - Saturn, Mars, Pluto, Neptune - want to speak with you in their unique love language.

  • Open-minded individuals who are students of life, not afraid of alt-healing, and want to dig into this intricate material.

  • Spiritual people who are interested in blending this framework into their current belief system. The material here will not conflict with your religious beliefs; it will enhance your practice.

  • Young adults looking for inside tips on who they are and what they need on the front end of their life's choices: love & career tips included.

  • Parents who want to study the chart of their child so they can love him/her with more compassion. The goal is to get out of the way of your child's natural soul expression and support them in their authenticity.

*** I am deeply committed to intersectional, feminist, queer, & post-colonial approaches to my work. I ask for help everyday to de-construct my relationship to privilege and my ego so that I may learn, serve the collective, and do the least harm possible. If there is anything here that isn’t utterly inclusive, then I want to know about it.