Straight away at the top, I want to acknowledge, honor, and refer the people who have taught and guided me the most with my own healing.   

Deborah Kremins is an intuitive healer, clairvoyant, and teacher. Through her coursework, I have gained the central tools of intuitive healing and energy work that I now consider essential to my daily life. I have also worked with her many times as her client, and her healing sessions are truly amazing. She lives on Maui, and can work with you over the phone or in person. See her website for more information:

Adam Sommer is one of the great astrologers of our time. His approach to the discipline is incredibly inspiring to me. Combining archetypal mythology and psychology, he invites all the possibilities of language and mystery to his musings and readings. I am fortunate to be one of his apprentices. His podcast Holes to Heaven is highly regarded and recommended.

Lindsay Mack is an intuitive coach, medium, and Tarot reader. I am so privileged to call her my teacher. Her soul-centered approach to the Tarot has been transformative. Her leadership style is a model for inclusivity, authenticity, and grace. Her podcast is also brilliant and brings so much medicine.

Sarah Faith Gottessdiener is a Tarot reader, graphic designer, and moon guide. She is also my teacher. Her Many Moons Workbook has a cult following, but it feels like it was written just for me. Through her guidance, I have learned to live my life through the spiral, to stop seeing time as linear, by living in intention and in gratitude through each phase of the moon. I stand deep in respect for her work and her words. Instagram: @gottesss. 

Elise Entzenberger of La Mystica Tarot is my business mentor, and has now become a dear friend. She is a wildly talented psychospiritual reader especially gifted at healing wounds around money and visibility. I cannot recommend her classes, webinars, and intuitive coaching with more enthusiasm. Instagram: @lamysticatarot.

Achintya Devi is the founder and leader of Goddess Rising Global Sisterhood and Mystery School. Through her 3-month moon cycle sessions, I have learned so much about myself and my connection to Goddess wisdom. She has an incredible channel to Divine and it’s an honor to witness and experience her leadership. Instagram: @goddess_rising. 

Caroline Casey's book Visionary Activist Astrology is the central text from which I work in the field of astrology, but her work is about so much more than just astrology. She blends myth, symbolism, linguistics, and playful humor into ruminations on the connections between the stars and our power. I cannot recommend her book and her podcast with more ardent enthusiasm. This woman would definitely be the chief guest at my fantasy dinner party. 

Demetra George is one of the most important astrologers out there and I am in deep gratitude for her writings and scholarship. Astrology for Yourself, Asteroid Goddesses, and Astrology and the Authentic Self (the first two co-written with Douglas Bloch) are core texts for me. Other astrologers whose texts I admire are Howard Sasportas, Liz Greene, Swami Kriyananda, and Jan Spiller

Jeff Hinshaw’s podcast Cosmic Cousins teaches the kind of soul-centered astrology I practice. His style is down to earth, philosophical, and very playful. It's great. 

Layla Saad is a great leader in the spiritual sphere of activism and conversation. Her podcast has informed much of my approach to the spiritual world and introduced to me to the work of countless incredible thinkers and healers, many of whom are POC. As a woman, I crave Layla's discussions about power and sovereignty. As a white woman, I turn to Layla to keep my eyes wide open regarding the myriad ways white supremacy suffuses the world of spirituality so that I can do this work in integrity. I fiercely recommend her words. Instagram: @wildmysticwoman. 

Jessica Snow leads creative, playful, and imaginative meditations. I am a subscriber to her site and regularly work with her material. Many breakthrough 'aha' moments with her guidance. Instagram: @meditation_jess. 

My favorite source for meditation music: PowerThoughts Meditation Club

If you're interested in thought-provoking people to follow on Instagram who address topics on astrology and/or energy work and/or full-blown witch work, please check out the following: @riseupgoodwitch, @oracleofla, @sego.strega, @oliviapepper, @staywoketarot, @hauswitch, @chaninicholas, @thehoodwitch, @cosmobot, @jessica_lanyadoo, @oldeways, @spellboundsky, @sassylisalister, @diegobasdeo.

Books I recommend that engage, directly or indirectly, with the intuitive and spiritual tools I've learned from the people above: