FAQs here are only for the flagship program offering: The Thirteen Veils of Your Chart.

Q: What is your working process? How much of your time goes into my chart? 

A: I take this work very seriously. My job is to hold space for you to come into the self-knowledge and self-mastery that astrology offers you. My job is to intuit and identify what you are needing from this information and be a guide for the insights that come. My job is to seek the essence of your birth wheel and offer it to you in a way that is illuminating, truthful, and solution-oriented. 

Q: All this use of the word "work." I'm already stressed. Is this really heavy? Am I going to hate this? 

A: Often we are so busy with the work of living our life that we just don't have time to stop and reflect on it. We are surviving. We also have phases when we want to coast, to play, to be indulgent. I certainly have. And that's okay. No apologies or guilt. My feeling is that the people who come to this are those who know it's time to make a change, it's time to step into one's power, it's time to level up. And you simply cannot do that without engaging with the kinds of issues we face openly in this process. This will appeal to you if you're there. You'll just know. 

I would like to also offer this: The world is in need of wise men and women. This moment in history is asking for the best in us. We are the ones who are sovereign and cannot be controlled. 

Q: What do I need to know before I can get started? 

A: You must have three things: 1. Your birth date, the exact birth time, and birth city. 2. You must be willing to give yourself enough time to work with the material coming your way. See below on how much time per week. 3. You must commit to setting an intention to be open to the material and willing to play with it. You don't even have to believe that astrology is "real" - just be open and willing to explore the possibility that it is.  

In addition, I strongly urge all clients to have a therapist, energy worker, psychic, or acupuncturist available to you while you work with your wheel. We may be looking at deeply held fears, pain, loss, disappointments, self-loathing, and so on. While I believe we all have the tools for our own healing, I also know that we benefit enormously from feeling held by a professional. When you decide to enroll, I highly recommend lining up a few appointments during our time together so you know you will be cared for. I will not be able to talk through the details of what comes up, so you cannot rely on me to play that role. If you are interested in seeking the services of a talented psychic, please see my suggestions in the drop down menu titled My Sources. 

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Q: I'm willing! How and when can I start? 

A: Reach out to me to check availability. 

Q: How much time will I need to set aside for this work per week? 

A: The 3-4 recordings that contain chart information are normally 10-30 minutes each. You can listen to these in the car or while walking, unless you want to be able to take down notes. You will need to build in around 5 minutes every morning or evening for your daily affirmations. Then plan for 15-30 minutes for journaling once a week, depending on your style. You can break that up across the week. Finally, you will need to plan on 10-30 minutes per meditation. Some will be short, a re-centering or a re-charging for the day based on your chart. Some will be more topic-intensive and will require more time to work with your intuition and energy field. You can do each one once, or as often as you'd like. 

As with anything you want to bring into your life, you have to ask yourself before beginning what you will be willing to give up to make time for this work. To hear a recording that you will receive when your first week's worth of material arrives, introducing its contents, click here

Q: I already know a lot about my chart and about astrology. Is this for me? 

A: Depends. If you already have a strong sense for your chart and what it's asking of you, then maybe not. The question has more to do with how fully you feel you have integrated all of that information. Are you living your purpose? Are you dancing with your Mars? Are you in process with your Saturn lessons? I leave that to you to answer.

Q: Is this kind of like an astrology class? 

A: Yes and no. You will learn a lot about chart reading, but mostly from your own perspective. Most astrology classes cover the language in a general way so that you can learn to read a chart for someone else. Therefore, astrology teachers must move quickly across all of the signs and placements for each topic, whereas in WWYW we will deep dive into each per your own specific chart. But don't be surprised if, after such concentrated focus on your own chart, you find you want to learn to do it for others. That's what happened to me!  

Q: I really want to work with you but I don't have the time/money to dedicate to this. Would you be willing to just give me a 1-hour reading? 

A: With honor. Check out my other offerings.  

Q: I have questions about my chart readings and the information I'm getting from the process. Can we talk about it over the phone? 

A: Yes. I am always happy to hear feedback of any kind. If it's a straight-forward question to answer, feel free to email me and I will answer for free. For longer, stickier questions and concerns, I charge $25/half-hour for phone calls with current WWYW clients. Just contact me and we'll set up a time. 

Q: Can you send me the program material for someone other than myself? My child? Boyfriend? Boss? Dad? 

A: I am happy to send material for your child if he/she is under 18 the entire length of the process. BUT, you have to do it for yourself before I can do that. Better to first know and care for your own wheel before you worry about your child's. Otherwise, I will only send material for the person soliciting the information. There are plenty of other astrologers who can help you with a chart or relationship reading. My purpose is to work with individuals who have freely and willingly selected my services. This work is about your own sovereignty.