YES - I do events! I can come to your shop, your office, your book club, your dinner party, your wedding, your workshop, or your conference! I am open and listening. I can work with folks one-on-one, or I can meet with small or large groups to talk through the wisdom of astrology and/or the tarot and/or building intuition. My background is in teaching and public speaking, so this is a natural use of my skillset.

Here are some ideas about ways we could work together:

  • one-on-one 1-card readings for groups of any size (2 hr min)

  • workshop about themes in astrology or the tarot in everyday life

  • series of meditation-based classes to develop skills in hearing our intuition

  • talk I’ve created called “Call of the Wild Heart,” about adapting to change rooted in radical self-love

  • workshop on working with the lunar cycle to manifest and remember the old ways of experiencing time

  • collaborative workshop or product or online marketing to connect your brand with themes from astrology or the tarot

The options are really infinite as my skillset is vast and dynamic. If you’d like to explore the options with me, and discuss price and availability, please contact me directly to get the conversation started.

If you’re primarily looking for an event reader, know that my readings are succinct and upbeat, and always aimed at being helpful, solution-oriented, and grounded in the wisdom people need in the present moment. No scary predictions. No inappropriate advice. No big downers. It is a genuine pleasure to serve people in this capacity. It’s amazing how meaningful a tarot reading can be even in a short amount of time, even in a venue that’s loud and rollicking with action.