Introducing a new offering: a 68-minute webinar where I share the steps I've personally wrangled with and through in order to create positive change and momentum in my life. I'm calling it Something's Got to Change.

Lately, I have been recognizing how far I’ve come and really celebrating the end of some seriously dense cycles of healing. And I’ve been listening for inspiration to alchemize what I've learned by sharing it and giving it value.

This webinar has been growing in me for over 18 months, but I was waiting until the time felt right to pin it down in one place. To let the wisdom move through my throat and outside my body. It's personal. It's mine. And yet, it's for any and all of us.

It's a webinar to help anyone who keeps repeating the same words: Something’s Got to Change.

- If you find yourself returning to the same pattern, relationship, or habit again and again and again and you are just so f'ing SICK of it, then this is for you.

- If you're tired of feeling shame, or guilt, or bitterness, or rage, because you can't seem to get unstuck or out of what feels like stagnation or loss of freedom, this is for you.

- If you want to love yourself and love your life, but you just don't, and that makes you even more disgusted with yourself, this is for you.

- If you find yourself thinking: Is this really all there is?, this is for you.

- If envy, or judgment, or resentment, or blame gnaws at your heart and you wish it didn't, this is for you.

- If you are numb from never seeming to reach some aspirational version of self that so many other people seem to perfectly model, and which keeps slipping out of your grasp, this is for you.

- If you notice that regularly you're surrounded by people who don't seem to know you at all, and who actually aren't even that fun to be around, and maybe even make you feel bad about yourself, then this is for you.

Because... goddammit... Something's Got to Change.

This webinar is really about my human experience with making real change, and only partially has anything to do with astrology or the tarot. This is a webinar for anyone, no matter your belief system.

Know this: Your investment in this webinar will be a spell that you cast over your life.
With this purchase, you say:
I'm not doing this pattern anymore.
I invite in the shifts that will nurture and protect me.
I commit to my life, to my joy, to my wild heart.
I hereby show up for my higher self with loving devotion.
With courage, compassion, and curiosity.
And so it is.

Upon purchase, you will automatically receive an email with a link to the webinar and its password. In integrity, you will protect this investment as a sign of your personal commitment to yourself, and not share it with anyone else.

This webinar, for now, will only be available for a limited time. I will remind everyone before I take it down, but my advice is to go ahead and get it if you know this is something for you.

I know this will be of service to you and others. Please enthusiastically SHARE THIS PAGE with anyone who might need or like this topic.