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Three years ago, I lived in constant overwhelm. Despite appearing to have it together on the outside, I was falling apart. For years, I tried to carry it all, keep everyone happy, satisfy every version of success, get to some magical point where I finally could call myself "enough." And yet, every year of my thirties, I became less successful in every category of my life. And the harder I tried to recover, the more I felt submerged, stagnant, depleted, anxious, and purposeless. To be honest, when I look back, I feel like I was living a kind of zombie life, not really fully alive.

I created Soft Strength to help those who resonate with the struggles of my past self. 

What I have learned in the past several years is how to recover my inner voice, my decisiveness, and self-trust. This is SOFT STRENGTH. Like Moonlight, our Soft Strength is not dominating, it allows for shifting and mystery, it nurtures and vibrates subtly but unmistakably. Its very softness is what prevents us from feeling depleted.

Soft Strength is a 5-week online course focused on gently rebuilding your inner strength. This course is for you if: 

- you are tired of living with the sense that you are never enough
- you feel like you give disproportionately to what you're receiving, creating exhaustion & causing resentment 
- you want to be better at (self-) forgiveness 
- you are ready to live in present time in your relationships
- you no longer want to feel guilty for your own self-care
- you struggle to hear and/or trust your gut feelings

In 5 weeks, you will learn how the framework of the Moon in Astrology can help you grow the soft strength of inner trust. You will learn skills and tools to build a practice of working with the Moon and recovering deep listening. You will begin a journey towards better self-care, self-love, and contentment in the present moment.

This offering will include:
 5 weeks of pre-recorded, self-study lessons
a 15-minute private phone call with me
a digital journaling workbook
templates for creating ritual with the phases and signs of the Moon throughout the year
2-3 guided meditations

The investment is $188
Or a two-time payment plan of $94 each
Classes drop 5 Wednesdays: June 19 - July 17

Some of the practical tools and skills you will learn include: 
- how to frame psychotherapeutic topics such as self-care, spiritual reparenting, and embodied healing through symbolic language
- how to ground your energy to feel re-centered and rooted
- how to tune out the chatter of the analytical brain to better hear your intuitive wisdom
- how to protect your energy and feel less drained 
- how to cultivate ritual, meditation, and journaling practices into your life with the phases of the Moon 
- how to integrate the thematic resonances of New and Full Moons based on the sign(s) and phase. 

Expect to dedicate 1-2 gentle hours a week to experience the full benefits of this class. 

*** The class has already begun, but you can still join in if it’s calling to you. Click to pay in full - $188 - and you will receive the current lessons within 24 hours.

Or, join with a $94 payment now. You will be invoiced later for a second $94 payment, due within three weeks of deposit. Course material will arrive by email within 24 hours of first payment.

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I am a former academic who learned that all of the education and rigorous intellectual training in the world couldn't reason my way to a fulfilled sense of contentment and empowerment. 

As an intuitive reader and writer, I help clients recover their purpose, let go of limiting beliefs, and reclaim their inner power.

Several years ago, I asked the Moon for help with one of the most crucial intentions of my life: "to walk through my divorce with grace, power, and ease." This was at a time when I wasn't in the habit of manifesting the change I desired. But I did it. I absolutely did it. 

Along the way, I've learned to trust in my intuition, listen to my emotions, address resistances or triggers as they arise, notice when I'm ungrounded in order to gently recenter, and build a practice of compassionate neutrality with other people.

I have found moderation with eating and drinking (proper self-nurturing) that always had eluded me, I guard my body's needs without guilt (finally!), and I am soft and open to pleasure and love where before I felt dry, constricted, and numb.  

All of the time, I think: I wish everyone knew these skills and had these tools. Soft Strength is my first effort to initiate others into the comfort of working with the Moon. 

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To learn more about the content of this course, and get a sense for my teaching style, click HERE for a recording of my free live webinar titled Working With the Moon in Astrology.

Here's some survey feedback I received about my teaching style from my last class, Neptune Vibes: 

"Britten's teaching style is incredibly soothing. And I appreciate the 'realness' of her approach along with the quality and substance."
- Kristin T. 

"As a teacher, Britten is deep, thorough, and helpful. And the content of the course was amazing, insightful, and powerful. She has a gift." 
- Natalie B. 

"Britten is very thorough, calm, and approachable. I'm looking forward to what she comes up with next!" 
- Angela George, @bygeorgepartners 

*** The class has already begun, but you can still join in if it’s calling to you. Click to pay in full - $188 - and you will receive the current lessons within 24 hours.

I hope you will feel the call to say YES! Contact me with any questions or concerns.