Oracle of the Wheel for the New Moon in Gemini

This cycle brings us all into a period of self-study. In particular, we are asking ourselves about the nature of our creative and generative processes. We must ask ourselves this:

Collage by @mr.babies

Collage by @mr.babies

How do I PAUSE before acting, responding, pressing send, taking, thrusting my desires onto people and places?

Do I pause? Would I do well to pause a little longer?

The fact is this: To react is to lose our power. We must develop a repertoire of responses that begin with a pause, however brief, in order to connect with our wise intelligence. Our intuition.

So this cycle we do well to practice tuning into our intuition in that space of pause. We can ask:

What do I need to know about _____ before responding?

The answer will come as a feeling and a knowing, not as a million running ways things can go wrong. The answer will help you retrieve your power without causing harm to others.

When we invite in our intuition, which is our higher knowing, even our divine knowing, we balance and neutralize the brain’s tendency towards automatic freak out.

For the Oracle of the Wheel, I offer myself as a channel for wisdom to come through for the greater good of the collective, at the highest degrees of love and compassion. I recommend combining the info for your Sun, Moon, & Rising Signs as a mantra to re-read every morning through the entire lunar cycle.

As always, take what you’d like and leave the rest.



Gently keep returning to the present moment whenever the past tries to call you back into a shame or guilt spiral. It is time to move on.


It’s okay to feel proud and grateful for the golden eggs you’re growing. Let yourself glow with the blossoms you’ve tended into bloom. You’ve earned it.


Doors are starting to open in the mind that may have seemed closed quite recently. It’s safe to seek the light of fresh perspective.


Balance your generous care-taking with radical self-care. Be masterful at tending to your body’s needs. Protect your energy.


Be careful not to push or rush or grasp this cycle. Be with the flow. Pay attention to your feelings. Give space to your heart.


The healing you give to yourself has significance to your past and future ancestors. How will you honor this work this cycle?


Notice your patterns of giving and receiving this cycle. Soften into balancing the flow of reciprocity in all aspects of your life.


This is a time to make space for private, quiet stillness, for going within. Seek your own truth there. Feel free to decline plans.


The journey within the self may at first feel like darkness, but it’s worth it. Summon your courage. It is the pathway to your own re-wilding.


This cycle asks you to get clear on why you belief or preach the things you do. Be sure these come from your own life experience.


Find the sweet Zen in your work. Seek pleasure in the routine hum of the day. It is there you find peace and contentment.


Don’t block your pleasure. Don’t resist your joy. Soften into the abundant garden of summer blossoms. Let the birds speak to you.

Oracle of the Wheel for New Moon in Taurus

Art by the amazing @mrbabies on IG.

Art by the amazing @mrbabies on IG.


This is a new moon gift that I experimented with last cycle with Aries. It’s my version of a horoscope. 

I feel vulnerable sharing these with you because I love them so much and I know it’s “out there.” It’s a risk I have to take because these are not for me. They are for everyone.

Oracle: I'm using the term in the sense of wisdom that is from something beyond the self, perhaps we might call it the Divine.

Of the Wheel: Referring to the "wheel of the year" as well as the zodiacal wheel - the wisdom of Aries through Pisces.

I am clairaudient. I get the wisdom for the Oracle in a state of deep trance where I connect to each sign energy one at a time within my body. I ask for wisdom and then I write it down.

My goal is not to convince you that clairaudience is "real;" my purpose is to inspire you to entertain the possibility that the Oracle can be helpful. I encourage you to bring a spirit of playfulness to what you find there.

For me, I blend my Sun, Moon, and Rising signs into language that flows together. I find that they have been so true and right at helping me center my intentions. Feel free to change the wording to fit your needs! They belong to you!

If you only know your Sun sign, that's great too. And guess what? You could simply pick ANY of them to work with because the bottom line is YOU ARE ALL TWELVE SIGNS. They are facets of you that connect you to nature, which you are part of and not separate from.



Trust that you know when to walk away and go within. Lay down. Rest. Recover your discernment. 


Sometimes you need to empty out before you can fill yourself back up. Let your tears be rainbows and cherish them. 


You are stronger than you may know. Dig into your highest values to find your resilience. 


Seek the deepest longing of the family lineage and there you will find your true healing. 


You are the zest of life. You are fire. You are a hot rod. Step into the world as the dragon that you are.


Sometimes the momentum of life's many projects take on a life of their own. Be in devotion to your patience. 


You only have two hands. Reverently care for what really matters and you will find more balance amidst the chaos. 


Beautiful and powerful insight awaits you when you are willing to rest through the discomfort of waiting. 


People are listening, and words are spells. How will you use the power of audience? Be the wise seeker you are. 


A period of transition is ending. Follow the moonlight towards a better path. What are you wishing to find? What is the call of your heart? 


Seek equanimity and impartial judgment as you proceed. Now is the time for high integrity and honesty in your dealings. 


You are carrying a heavy load, the extent of which you may not even be aware. Are these burdens yours or are you carrying too much for others? How can you make peace with sharing the work? 

Wishing you all of the best as you work this wisdom into your life. For more on the New Moon in Taurus, please keep scrolling.