New Moon in Taurus 2019

This blog post is an excerpt from my New Moon in Taurus newsletter.

Something I've been learning, in the last few years, is the intimate connection between the way we treat our body and the way we magnetize, build, and tend to our money, business, and assets.

Taurus Season is here to teach... It all starts with how we love our body: receiving touch and pleasure, breathing and exercise, kind and loving thoughts, nourishing foods, careful alcohol consumption, respecting our gut feelings and instincts, giving our vessel lots of water and rest.

This idea of having to work constantly, to vigilantly constrict our pleasure and self-care, to be the expert, to climb the ladder, to live in the analytical brain, to tightly control everything, even goop-ish "aspirational self" jargon... this is killing our raw and real relationship to our bodies and consequently to true happiness, true presence, true abundance. Not to mention our relationship to the earth.

Taurus Star Diagram, by me.

Taurus Star Diagram, by me.

The 8 points on the Taurus Star above work together like legs beneath a table:

- Maybe you magnetize money well, but you're denying yourself regular orgasm.
- Maybe you tend a beautiful garden in your yard, but you give your professional services away at low prices, exhausting yourself and depleting your resources.
- Maybe you let yourself enjoy the succulent flavors of fresh fruits and the luscious feel of fabrics on your skin, but you have no idea where these came from and the labor that brought these gifts of the earth to you.
- Maybe you know your values, but you are afraid to enforce them with your words for fear that people won't like you if you take a stand. (Taurus rules the neck and vocal chords.) 

We can always get better at this balance. That is what we remember during Taurus season. Here's what I want you to know: It's our cultural paradigm that preaches scarcity that has failed us. There is nothing wrong with you! 

In the video below, I unpack more about the Taurus principle, and discuss the energies we’ll be in for the coming two weeks between the New Moon May 4 and the Full Moon May 18. Enjoy!