Photo by Justin Isaac for D Magazine Sept 2019.

Photo by Justin Isaac for D Magazine Sept 2019.

My name is Britten LaRue. I started Working With Your Wheel to house my spiritual practice. To my clients, I am a life coach from the framework of alternative spiritual wisdom traditions. I combine astrology, the Tarot, meditation, energy work, and moon manifestation to guide clients towards meaningful, purposeful, practical life change and soul evolution. The best way to learn about my philosophy and messaging style is to sign up for my free newsletter. You can also get a sense for my voice by checking out my horoscopes for D Magazine as well as by following me on Instagram, where I regularly post on topics related to healing, empowerment, and living a more joyful, authentic life.

A bit about my education and background for transparency and credibility: I'll just offer briefly that I have a BA from Northwestern University in Communication Studies. I lived in Europe for over a year of college where I fell in love with languages, learned about other cultures, and studied art and architecture. Later, I ended up getting my MA in Art History. I taught university art history for 7 years and worked at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, and am now close to finishing my PhD in Aesthetic Studies. I continue to teach multiple Art Appreciation courses online through the University of Texas system. As a scholar and teacher, my work is deeply informed by feminist, queer, and post-colonial re-writing of history. 

Most of my life, I have had a passion for studying and exploring alternative medicine and healing modalities. As so many find as we mature, our side hustle is often our true passion, and Iā€™m so happy that I made that shift. My approach to astrology and the Tarot combines my heady, analytical brain, my aesthetic and spiritual approach to form and abstract concepts, my love for learning languages, and the intuitive gifts for clairaudience and clairsentience. Previously, I studied with many notable astrologers including Debra Silverman and Divine Harmony. At present, I am deepening my training under Adam Sommer as one of his apprentices.


I am also the mother of two strong girls and a sweet Golden-Collie. For fun and head-clearing, I like to run 10-20 miles a week, cook one-pot meals, listen to the Peaceful Piano playlist on Spotify, and meditate in the bath tub.

Curious to discover more about yourself by working with your own wheel? Please explore this site. I admit and fully accept that my approach will not fit everyone's style, mental model, or spiritual outlook. That's ok! I definitely have a particular method that grows from my cosmic wheel, background and education, framing spiritual beliefs, and my unique stance within the discipline. 

Please contact me to learn more. I'd love to dialogue.