Working with Your Wheel combines astrological insight with practices that encourage intuitive healing.


I am especially skilled and interested in working with the following types of people: 

  • Recently divorced folks in transition from one identity to another.

  • Watery people: those with a lot of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces in their chart - those of us who are empaths and struggle with boundaries.

  • Mid-life parents who are ready to return to self-study and self-knowledge after a decade of selflessness.

  • Anyone who has had a scary astrological reading in the past and is ready to reclaim the language for their own liberation. I am particularly excited to show how the "boogeyman" planets in your chart - Saturn, Mars, Pluto, Neptune - want to speak with you in their unique love language.

  • Open-minded individuals who are students of life, not afraid of alt-healing, and want to dig into this intricate material.

  • Spiritual people who are interested in blending this framework into their current belief system. The material here will not conflict with your religious beliefs; it will enhance your practice.

  • Young adults looking for inside tips on who they are and what they need on the front end of their life's choices: love & career tips included.

  • Parents who want to study the chart of their child so they can love him/her with more compassion. The goal is to get out of the way of your child's natural soul expression and support them in their authenticity.

*** I am deeply committed to intersectional, feminist, queer, & post-colonial approaches to my work. I ask for help everyday to de-construct my relationship to privilege and my ego so that I may learn, serve the collective, and do the least harm possible. If there is anything here that isn’t utterly inclusive, then I want to know about it.